On April 15th, 1912, the TITANIC, lay on the bottom of the North Atlantic, nearly 4000 metres deep. It was one of the world’s greatest sea disasters.

Did you know that Flagship boss, Rory Golden has made 2 dives to the wreck in submersibles? The first one was in August 2000, where he took part in an expedition that raised over 800 artifacts. He made his dive on August 11th, and left a memorial plaque from Cobh, Titanic’s last port of call.

In August 2005, he returned with Mike McKimm of BBC NI, taking part in a documentary, ” A Journey to Remember”. This time he left 2 memorial plaques from Belfast. One from Belfast City Hall, and one from Harland + Wolff.

The photo is the bow of the ship on sonar from inside the Russian MIR submersible. Image copyright Rory Golden.

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