BCD Servicing

bcdWe can service and overhaul your BCD. We cater for all brands of BCD which can be serviced and overhauled by our professional and qualified Scuba technicians.

After your regulator we believe your BCD represents the next most integral part of your diving system. During the course of a diving season it can suffer from the ravages of sea salt and corrosion. As such it needs to be maintained to keep it in good working order.

As part of its overhaul we strip the inflator and all dump valves. These parts are cleaned ultrasonically in a BIOX bath. The bladder, hoses, clips and buckles are checked and inspected for leaks and cracks and are repaired where necessary. The internal bladder is washed out with “BCD Life” which breaks down and cleans all contaminants therein. Finally, our technician will perform a quality assurance test to check the air holding capacity of your BCD bladder, perform a wet test and ensure that all moving parts are working properly. When finished your BCD should feel like new.

Service Centre BCD Labour Charges 2020


BCD Service ( Parts/Kits not included)

BCD full service (inflator, dump valves, bladder, buckles & clips)


Inflator service only ( parts not included)


Dump Valves service only


Auto air/ air source only ( parts not included)


Hourly Rate for poorly maintained equipment