Cylinder Testing

Flagship Scuba is an IDEST approved cylinder test centre/station number 7F.

We only employ qualified and approved cylinder test Technicians and adhere to the applicable standards and strict code of conduct, practice and procedures as set down by IDEST. This ensures we conform to the highest level of professionalism and offer a quality service.

Our premises are inspected regularly and are equipped for inspecting and testing breathing gas and diving cylinders to BS EN 1802:2002, BS EN 1968:2002 and maintain cylinder valves to BS EN ISO 22434:2011.

Cylinder Visual Inspection

These are carried out every 2.5 years. As the name implies a series of inspections and checks are carried out to assess internal and external corrosion, defects, bulges, cracks, general corrosion or any other condition which may render it unfit for another period of use. In addition, the walls are measured using an ultrasonic thickness gauge to ensure they meet the manufacturers’ specification. The cylinder neck threads are checked and assessed using a calibrated go and no go plug gauge. This procedure is also applied to the cylinder valve on both the outlet threads and the valve stem threads. The cylinder valve is also stripped and serviced. If the cylinder meets all the criteria and passes all the inspections and tests, it can now be returned to service.

The cylinder is stamped, stickered, the valve is reinstalled torqued, to the correct value using a calibrated torque wrench and filled with clean dry compressed air which meets the criteria of EN12021. Finally, the cylinder is checked for any leakages and is now fit for another period of use. As part of our quality assurance a certificate is prepared and given to the customer as a reference.



Cylinder Hydrostatic Inspection

Once a visual inspection has been performed and the cylinder has passed all the tests, it is now possible to conduct a hydrostatic test. This test is carried out once every 5 years. In addition to the above tests it is then pressurised in a water jacket to check its expansion and a “permanent set” is ascertained. Once this is within accepted laid down limits it is deemed to have passed and can be returned to service as before, which includes a certificate which states the “permanent set”.


Service Centre Cylinder Testing Charges 2022


Cylinder Testing Charges ( Parts/Kits not included)

Visual Inspection Charge ( VIP ). Includes Valve service and air fill.


Hydrostatic Test Charge. Includes VIP, Valve service & Air-fill


Internal Rotary Shot Blast & wash ( full blast )


Internal Rotary Shot Blast & wash ( quick blast )


Valve Service ( parts extra )


Manifold service


Valve failure


Cylinder Test Failure


Valve service kits vary in price from €8 to €20 depending on model

All cylinder failures will be rendered inoperable and destroyed.

A deposit of €20 is required when booking-in a cylinder