Atomic Aquatics Venom Single Window Mask


Atomic Aquatics Venom Single Window Mask


The new sub-frame single lens mask of Atomic.

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  • New Glass Ultra Clear ™ Schott Superwite of exceptional optical clarity.
  • Patented subframe design with hydrodynamic design without external frame.
  • Thanks to the double-layer, two-tone silicone mask body, the mask stays comfortably and safely.
  • Integrated design with low volume for better front view and a wide viewing angle.
  • 30 year warranty on frame breakage.

Atomic Aquatics has revolutionized the dive industry with “Ultra Clear” jars before use. Before Ultra Clear all Tauchmaske glasses of low-grade float glass existed with visible green color caused by iron particles that were left after manufacturing the glass. This green iron particles reduce the light transmittance of the glass considerably. All masks of Atomic Aquatics feature a superior optical glass that significantly improves visibility under water and up to 96% light transmission allows: Ultra Clear Glass. Our newest ultra-clear glass in the sub-frame single lens mask is manufactured by Schott in Germany. The continuous subframe glass offers the highest degree of purity which is available for Ultra Clear Glass. This means that you get an unbelievable clarity and high light transmission, which do not provide other masks, even those not referred to as “ultra clear”.




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