Northern Diver Gents Voyager Drysuit

Northern Diver Gents Voyager Drysuit


The Voyager drysuit is a cost effective neoprene drysuit, offering high end quality at an entry level price. Manufactured from a supple, 4mm compressed, polymix neoprene, you can be sure of maximum comfort and flexibility when diving in a Voyager.

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  • 4mm of ‘Supple’ Compressed Polymix Neoprene
  • Medium Duty – High Spec Metal Dry Zip
  • Neoprene Neck and Wrist Seals
  • Bonded for Life Seams
  • Zip Cargo Pocket on Left Thigh
  • Neo-Vulcanised Durable Hard-Soled Boots
  • Our High Performance Inflation and ‘Variable’ Exhaust Valves

Neoprene drysuits like the Voyager are renowned for their natural thermal properties; divers can remain warm in even the chilliest of waters. This is owed in part to the fact that the Voyager drysuit, like all Northern Diver neoprene drysuits, can be worn with any Northern Diver undersuit. However much you feel the cold when diving, we have all bases covered. From our Bodyline undersuit through to our Metalux Arctic undersuit, we have the base layer to compliment your Voyager drysuit perfectly.

The water-repellant, resin-injected, diamond weave outer fabric means that this neoprene drysuit can be pitted against even the harshest sport diving conditions. Oversized knee patches provide additional reinforcement. The suit also features a medium duty, high specification, metal dry zip. The zip is protected with a neoprene zip flap.

The Voyager drysuit is fitted with super soft neoprene neck and wrist seals. Neoprene seals provide optimal comfort whilst diving and help to retain the thermal properties of a neoprene drysuit. Should you prefer, latex seals can be fitted to your Voyager drysuit. More details on our alterations service are below.

We supply the Voyager drysuit complete with a large zipped cargo pocket on the left thigh, our high performance inflation and variable exhaust valves, and our hard wearing Dacor boots.

Drysuits can be made to order if an appropriate size is not available. Please contact us for more information.


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