Northern Diver Pony Clamp System

Northern Diver Pony Clamp System


Northern diver pony clamp system. One of the best Pony Clamp systems on the market.

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One of the best Pony Clamp systems on the market.

Superbly engineered from anodised aluminium,with stainless steel jubilee clips, all with (replaceable) rubber
inserts, to protect the cylinders and provide a solid fit.

The two-part ‘quick release’ system is simple to use, securely clamping your pony cylinder to your main diving
cylinder. Releasing the pony cylinder can be done effortlessly, by pushing the ‘sliding-bolt’ mechanism with one
hand and removing the pony cylinder with the other. The bolt action is smooth and positive, aiding a ‘user release’
and avoiding an ‘accidental release’.

Technical Specifications

  • Superbly Engineered for a Solid Fit
  • Manufactured from Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel
  • Easy to Attach and Simple to Use
  • Allows Left or Right Side Mount
  • Smooth and Positive Clamp Action
  • All Spare Parts Available Separately


Northern Diver

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Weight 3 kg


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