Regulator Health Check

Introducing the Flagship Regulator Health Check


Well, it’s been a very strange year for all of us.

Have you done less diving because of COVID-19 restrictions?

As divers ourselves, you might be thinking that as your regulator was serviced in the last year it won’t need a full service this winter because you hardly used it.

You’re probably right.

Be certain though.

During this lockdown period send them into us. We will inspect them, and then bench test them on our ANSTI breathing machine, which simulates a dive to 50 metres.

If they pass the test, then we will issue you with a printout of its performance.

If they don’t pass, or we find some other issues, we will let you know and you decide if you want us to service them. We will then credit the ANSTI charge against the cost of a full service.


ANSTI charge: €30
Return by Fastway. Max two reg sets per box. Special price: €10

Total: €40

Send your regs to us in a secure box.

Your regs will be returned to you in this same box.

We will advise you by email with a tracking number

Click here to get yours now!

Now you’ll be ready for the 2021 diving season!


We are Authorised Service and Repair Agents for most major brands of Diving Regulators including:

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