Service & Advice



We operate a specialised scuba workshop dedicated to equipment servicing and repairs with the aim of maintaining all your dive gear in perfect working condition. We take servicing of your scuba equipment seriously as we believe it is essential life support equipment. We hope to raise the bar in terms of service standards because there is no substitution for a quality service.

Our factory-trained technicians are here to effectively support and troubleshoot on all of your diving equipment.
We are also equipped with a large variety of special testing equipment and tools to perform proper service and repair for all major brands.

Airfills are available in instore for 1 litre to 15 litre cylinders up to 300 bar, at €7 per cylinder. Our air quality conforms to COSHH regulations, and is filled using a Bauer Verticus 5 compressor.

Our services include:

Regulators (First & Second Stages)

  • Service and repair
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Flow bench & ANSTI testing


  • Visual inspection
  • Hydrostatic inspection
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Valve service
  • Valve oxygen cleaning
  • Internal cleaning

BCDs & Pressure Gauges

  • Inflator service
  • Octopus/Inflator service
  • Pressure testing

Commercial Service

  • OTS AGA full face masks
  • OTS communications equip
  • HEED 3 


  • Battery changes
  • Pressure testing
  • Service/cleaning

Drysuit & Semi Drysuit Repairs




We only sell what we can service, and only service equipment as authorised by manufacturers.
We are an IDEST Approved Cylinder testing centre No. 7F.

We are also a S.I.T.A. member.